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For Quality Assurance we are provide:

Automated Testing
Importance of automated testing increases when deadlines are fast approaching. Code review, load testing, regression testing are some of the key areas that can be handled efficiently using automated testing tools.
Manual Testing
We also provide manual testing facility to our clients. Our manual testing schedule is based on a test plan. Test case preparation starts along with coding. Quality can be assured only if controlled.

IT Service

Fecund Technologies , with more than 14 years of experienced person of providing software development and consulting IT services. We utilize proven technologies to enable customer's business systems. This technology focus has given us the opportunity to become proficient on a wide variety of industry leading tools as well as gaining experience with most database platforms. We are concentrating on Internet enabled business information systems in a wide range of industries.

The major aim of our operation model is in delivering strategic value through operational efficiency, cost savings and training - resulting in a higher yield per dollar spent thus enabling our clients to build a bigger and more competitive business.

Information Technology (Technical) consulting requires strong technical knowledge & ability to understand technology keeping long term business issues in mind. Fecund Technologies has right mix of people with technical experience & wide functional experience. Hence we strongly believe Fecund Technologies provide you best technical consulting.

Design & Implimentation

We are following state of art architechture for our projects and product. N-tier Architechture , MVC N-tier : multi-tier architecture (often referred to as n-tier architecture) is a client/server architecture in which the presentation, the application processing, and the data management are logically separate processes. For example, an application that uses middleware to service data requests between a user and a database employs multi-tier architecture. The most widespread use of multi-tier architecture is the three-tier architecture.

MVC : Model/View/Controller (MVC) is a software architecture, currently considered an architectural pattern used in software engineering. The pattern isolates "domain logic" (the application logic for the user) from the user interface (input and presentation), permitting independent development, testing and maintenance of each (separation of concerns).

The model is used to manage information and notify observers when that information changes. The model is the domain-specific representation of the data upon which the application operates. When a model changes its state, it notifies its associated views so they can be refreshed.

Project Management

Fecund Technologies is promoted and managed by highly skilled and experienced technocrats. The Managing Director is a technology strategist, agile manager and entrepreneurial innovator skilled at managing international relationships, with 14 years of IT outsourcing industry experience. He has extensive experience in Designing, Programming and Implementation of Information and Automation Systems for a variety of businesses. Additionally he has extensive experience of facing customers of all kinds and marketing services in different countries. He is the Chief Architect in the organization and provides the vision and leadership. He is on the advisory board of a number of companies as a consultant and is involved in framing their Business and Information System strategies.

Our senior management is a team of technocrats having a combined experience of more than 60 years in offshore software development. This includes DBA, System Architects, Product managers, Project managers, Systems manager, Quality Assurance manager, Technical manager and Key Account manager. They have vast experience in major programming languages and databases. Their domain expertise includes Placement, Human Resource, Travel, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Transportation, etc.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance processes, customized for an offshore business model, allows us to provide our clients with work of a consistent measurable quality. Efficient planning and communication with regular reporting and documentation allows monitoring of projects by clients on a daily basis. We have the experience, the requisite skills, and the resources along with standardized well-documented processes that help us deliver projects on time and within budgets.

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