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Shout Talent

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Shout Talent - Employment Agency Solution is e-recruitment online portal that streamline the entire recruitment process in placement agencies.



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Tech Matrix can identify the person and check the privileges to access the office (it should be identified area). The system can identify the person and maintaining log entry of in and out time for attendance and HR purpose.



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An integrated suite of business applications, which closely links, monitors, and controls primary enterprise resources like manpower, machine, material, methods, market and money. Enables corporate too readily change their processes to adapt to the ever changing business scenario. Provides expertise in industry specific business processes.


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Highly customized package for generalize shopping cart application which will suite to any company who want online shopping application. Design fully functional and fully customized administration panel for configuring items and managing order list and customer centric data.

Job Portal

Our Product Job Portal has the extra ordinary features which is very useful for Job Portal. Features implemented in current product are User friendly website, Mobile view – responsive web for mobile users.

Hotel Management Portal

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We Offer advance web and enterprise portal. Based on extensive experience and research has developed various portals that enhance the real experience.

Matrimonial Portal

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A fully featured Matrimonial web portal with powerful functionality ease your online business and is also very cost effective.

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